Forever TransferRIP

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The FOREVER TransferRIP boasts the power to manipulate your artwork without the necessity or knowledge on using complex design suites.

The FOREVER TransferRIP is a user friendly printing software that allows you to remove colours, change colours, and adjust your artwork settings with simplicity.

Make your prints
  • Feel Better
  • Look Better
  • Wash Better
  • Last Longer
  • Cost Less
  • Better Quality
  • Unique


Soft, Interwoven feel

Print from File

Stiff, Plasticky feel


White Toner Optimisation

· White Enable/Disable
· Percentage Control of White Channel
· Live Preview of Toner Coverage
· 'Underfill' prevents white bleed
· Print Gradients with 'Partial Transparency' functionality

Job Management

· Layout feature for Custom Sheet sizes
· Customer Job Folders
· Supports EPS, PSD, PDF, TIFF, PNG & JPG
· Load Multi-Page PDF's
· Live Job Search

Colour Management

· Colour profiles included for best reproduction
· Selective colour correction
· Edit or Remove Colours via selection
· Simulate background colour
· Control Gamma, Brightness, Contrast and Saturation
· Recognition of Clipping & Alpha Channels

Additional Features

· Print Cost Calculator
· Support with Bug Reporting
· Online Tutorial + Training Videos
· 6 months of FREE Updates
· Import custom ICC profiles

Rasterisation Masks

Masking your artwork using the FOREVER TransferRIP is a fully unique and user friendly experience.
Achieve results that are simply not possible by manual masking or with other print methods.
Masking your production gives a much softer feel when pressed onto textiles, combined with better washability and a longer lasting print.

Raw Artwork

TransferRIP Mask

Final Print

Minimum System Requirements

. Windows-based PC.
. Operating System Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10, 2003-2012 Server versions, 32 bit and 64 bit.
. Intel® Core ™ i5 processor.
. 2.5 GHz processor speed.
. 3.5 GB memory.
. 1 GB hard drive space*
. 1 free USB port for connecting the USB license dongles.
. Parallels Desktop and Oracle VirtualBox approved

*minimum hard disk space for program installation. Additional space will be required for processing files.

Profiles included for the following transfer papers