Silhouette Curio

· Silhouette Curio · 8.5in. x 6in. base · 8.5in. x 6in. Cut Mat · 8.5in. x 6in. Emboss Mat · Fine Embossing Tool · Wide Embossing Tool · Standard Blade · 50 Exclusive Designs · AC adapter · USB cord · Silhouette Studio Software CD ·

Silhouette Curio
More than a cutting tool.
Cut, emboss, sketch, stipple, and etch - and that's just the beginning.
The Curio is taking giant leaps forward with its new features.
Along with the new stippling and etching functions, Silhouette is proud to introduce three types of embossing methods-Path Emboss, Score & Emboss, and Print & Emboss.
Because of Silhouette's new dual carriage, you can also emboss and perform another function-like sketching or cutting-in one pass.

Cut thicker material.
When used with Silhouette's new deep-cut blade, you can cut up to 2mm thick materials.
The Curio boasts a 5mm clearance, which allows you to feed thicker materials through the machine.
The thicker clearance allows users to utilise entirely new project pallets, such as wood to sketch stencils onto, or to cut thicker materials, such as foils, leather, and more.

It's all driven by powerful Silhouette Studio software and the Silhouette Design Store.

Every design in your library can now be repurposed for embossing, stippling, and etching projects.
The Curio is the only machine that can unlock the embossing, stippling, and etching, and dual carriage options that will now be available in Silhouette Studio.