Laser Dark (New Generation)

Laser transfer paper for use with Laser Printers.

Laser Dark (New Generation) is a print and cut transfer media for pressing onto dark (or light) coloured textiles.

Cutting Laser Dark (New Generation) mechanically requires a cutter/plotter with an optical eye.

Simply print your design with registration marks then cut using your cutter/plotter or scissors.


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Cutting Laser Dark

To cut Laser Dark you will need a cutter/plotter with optical eye functionality.
Check out our range of

Or for a more compact setup
use a Silhouette Cameo.
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Weeding Laser Dark

To weed Laser Dark, simply use a
Weeding Tool.

You can produce designs as intricate as your are willing/able to weed.

For the No-Cut, No-Weed solution, check out Laser Dark (No-Cut).

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