CE Lite-50

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Media Max: 508mm (20 inch)
Supports Sheet & Roll Media
ARMS Print & Cut Feature
Ideal For Limited Space
USB Offline Operation
Touch Control Panel
Superior Quality
High Output


4.3″ Touch Panel

The CE Lite-50 features intuitive and easy to use option by including a 4.3″ touch panel.

USB Offline Operation

By using cut data saved in the USB memory you can easily cut without attaching a PC.

508mm x 3 meters

Supports Sheet & Roll Type Media – Continuously cut rolled media designs up to 3m long using the included roll media feeder.

Guaranteed Cut Accuracy of 1 Meter

ARMS Print & Cut

Using ARMS Print & Cut, the plotter detects registration marks on the media to align the position of the cutting line to the printed image. ARMS7.0 is able to detect marks on a variety of coloured media.

SIMPLE Print & Cut

When using sheets, the CE LITE-50 finds the edge of the media and aligns the position of the contour cut line to the printed image without registration marks. (Must use a standard size) The maximum cutting area can be utilized regardless of color or shading of media because registration marks do not need to be printed.

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Parts & Accessories

Standard Blade

Contains: 1 x Standard Blade
Blade Material: Tungsten Carbide
Blade Adjustment: Ratchet
Blade Length Range: 0.1mm – 1mm

Suitable for Card, Vinyl, Film, Heat Transfer Material

Deep Cut Blade

Contains: 1 x Deep Cut Blade
Blade Material: Tungsten Carbide
Blade Adjustment: Ratchet
Material Depth Range: 0.1mm – 1mm

Suitable for Rubber, Polyurethane Sheets

Cut Strip


Pen Adapter