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    Print all textiles.
    Print all hard surfaces.
    Print Anything.
    OKI White Toner Printer
    & FOREVER Transfer Papers.
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    OKI White Toner
    & Laser Dark (No-Cut)





Featured Products

Laser Dark (No-Cut) Low Temp

You can flock it, foil it or produce the most vibrant prints available today!
  • Full colour production on dark and light textiles - it's never been this beautiful.
  • Print vectors, text, full colour photos and anything in between.
  • Produce intricate transfers in A4, A4XL, A3 and A3XL.
  • 25 (100x50mm) breast pocket logo's per A3 = 9p per logo.
  • Crystal clear, high street quality reproduction.
  • Run your artwork through the FOREVER TransferRIP for rasterised designs.
  • Works with White Toner Printers and Standard CMYK Laser Printers.
  • Printable materials include cotton, polyester, polycotton, nylon, denim, canvas and so much more!
  • Did we mention, no cutting or weeding?
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Flex Soft (No-Cut)

The cheap as chips setup with mind bending results.
  • Single colour production on dark and light textiles.
  • Available in all the colours you can't print. Metallic silver/gold, neon colours & more.
  • Produce intricate transfers without the need to cut or weed.
  • Overlay multiple colours or combine with Laser Dark (No-Cut) for unique and stunning results.
  • Print using any Laser Printer. Even a low end monotone printer will do!
  • Run your artwork through the FOREVER TransferRIP for rasterised designs and photos.
  • Soft touch and feels thin on the garment.
  • Fine detail or reams of text to print? Never waste another second cutting and weeding.
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